Winder Controls

Winder Controls is a specialist company focusing on the hoisting industry. It offers superior design, manufacturing, supply, installation, and commissioning of winders, winches, hoists, and all related equipment.

The company prides itself on its strong core of engineers, project managers, manufacturing, and site services personnel. It offers a comprehensive range of products and services from new, customised hoisting solutions to refurbishments, upgrades, and maintenance of existing installations.

Since its inception, Winder Controls has supplied more than 800 mechanical and electrical installations, including new and refurbished hoisting systems, rope-handling systems, auxiliary components, parts, and services.

In 2011, Winder Controls was incorporated into the Siemag Tecberg Group to form the pillar of the company’s international automation division while retaining their full range of mechanical and hydraulic expertise.

In addition, Winder Controls, through the Siemag Tecberg Group, is the African leader in three chamber energy recovery systems.

Winder Controls is proud to have a Level 4 B-BBEE rating. The company is also ISO 9001 certified.