At WeSolve4X™ we make maths, science, and accounting a worthwhile experience, reminding our learners of the fun, adventure, and delight of arriving at those tricky solutions, while they continue with their responsible research and innovation, based on their inherent natural curiosity. Our tuition service is refreshingly innovative and optimised to meet our national curriculum standards.

Our integrated facilitating programmes allow us to build strong relationships with our learners, while providing our services at competitive rates. Our facilitating team consist of passionate facilitators, graduates, professors, and consulting advisors to provide the guidance and quality of service that we believe is integral to personal growth and self-actualisation. Through our affiliated universities and institutions throughout South Africa, we are able to offer learners, graduates, and professionals a platform to connect as they amplify their proficiency and increased opportunities to help others achieve their goals.

Our goal is simple: Make learning fun, measurable, and rewarding.