NGAGE - The Agency for Industry

NGAGE was established in 2006, and has since filled a gap in the market for a marketing communications agency that understands mining, engineering and general industry. With a love for the mud and dirt of communications, we have become recognised as the go to agency for Industry!

We are an award-winning agency, having bagged the coveted Best Small PR Agency award at the 2012 PRISM Awards, along with Best PR Professional in Media Liaison, which was awarded to Renay Tandy, our Co-Founder and PR Director. In 2013, we were awarded with a Gold PRISM Award for the Launch of a New Product campaign, where we competed with consumer campaigns for the likes of Cadbury and Samsung, and we walked away with a Gold for the launch of a new Hyundai excavator for client HPE Africa. These awards prove that we go above and beyond for clients, and always link our marketing and communication objectives to achieving business results.