New Affinity face masks offer reliable dust protection for all applications

24 March 2014
The African division of MSA - a global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of sophisticated products that protect people's health and safety - has launched a new range of high performance Affinity cup-shaped and folded disposable dust masks.
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The new Affinity range of disposable dust masks offers the user reliable protection from solid and liquid particles, and are compliant with world leading EN 149: 2001 and local SANS 50149: 2003 standards of filtering protection, including; FFP1 - which filters at least 80% of airborne particles, FFP2 - which filters at least 94% of airborne particles, and FFP3 - which filters at least 99% of airborne particles.

MSA Africa respiratory products manager Suraksha Mohun notes that the new Affinity range of 1200 cup-shaped respirator and 2200 folded respirator dust masks feature colour-coded attachments which allow for easy identification of the FFP protection level, thereby assisting the user in selecting the correct mask for a specific application.

“These masks protect the user against most penetrating solid and liquid aerosol particles. The FFP1 rated dust masks are ideal for cutting, grinding and sawing tasks, whereas the FFP2 dust masks are better suited for more heavy duty applications such as machining, welding or brazing. In more at risk areas such as asbestos environments, FFP3 level dust masks are advised," she explains.

The Affinity 1200 cup-shaped respirator dust mask boasts an AnthroCurve sealing flange which, together with the pre-shaped nose cup and an external elastic band, offer the user a more secure fit. Mohun continues: "The Affinity 1200 has been dolomite tested to ensure breathing comfort even in high dust environments. What's more, the FFP3 model has the additional benefits of a separate adjustable elastic band and inner face seal for a better fit in a hazardous environment.”

According to Mohun, the Affinity 2200 folded dust mask features an anthropological vertical low profile design, while the vertical folds ensure an ergonomic face seal. "FFP3 Affinity 2200 dust masks have a separate adjustable elastic band and come with hygienic pocket-size packaging, with an optional exhalation valve that optimises air flow by removing exhaled breath, thereby reducing the temperature and moisture vapour to make breathing easier for the user."

The entire MSA Africa Affinity range of face masks come in one standard size, and can be easily fitted to all face and head sizes and shapes without affecting performance. Mohun concludes by adding that the high filter media quality allows for five years of storage life from the date of manufacture.



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