International Zinc Association

The IZA Africa Desk is focused on the promotion, support and marketing of zinc in all its applications in Africa and more specifically in Southern Africa. The largest proportion of refined zinc used in South Africa and Africa is utilised in hot dip galvanizing and continuous galvanizing plants.

Much smaller quantities of zinc are utilised as an additive to grain fertilizers, in zinc die cast metal components, as a catalyst for vulcanizing rubber tyres and in the preparation of zinc ointments and medicinal lozenges.

The IZA Africa Desk offers the construction, civil engineering and agricultural sectors expertise in the application and detailed specification of galvanized steel, galvanized wire and continuously galvanized steel sheet for buildings, fencing, reinforced concrete and structural steel.  

Engineers and designers can call on the IZA Africa Desk to assist them in selecting the correct zinc coating for their civil or mechanical engineering application.

Zinc coatings are potent weapons in the fight against corrosion of steel in deep mining, coastal steel structures, as reinforcement in concrete and on atmospherically-exposed steel structures.

Thermally sprayed zinc, zinc-rich paints, Aluzinc coatings on steel sheet and galvanized steel are all examples of the multifaceted application of zinc as a powerful corrosion-protection medium.

The IZA Africa Desk offers enrichment seminars and webinars on the use of zinc to protect steel against premature corrosion. It also offers electronic and hard copies of its various IZA Africa publications such as:

  • Essentials of Galvanizing
  • Rapid Guide to Galvanizing for Consulting Engineers
  • Zinc Matters