Aluminium Alloy Junction Boxes ideal for urban installations

15 April 2024
Aluminium Alloy Electrical Junction Boxes from leading electrical termination manufacturer Pratley can be used in multiple applications in urban areas to distribute and connect cables. Some examples include connecting power supply cables to external buildings, swimming pool pumps, gate motors, outside lighting, or CCTV camera installations. “These handy junction boxes are also ideal for supplying power to outside lapas and patios,” says Marketing Director Eldon Kruger.
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PreviewPratley Aluminium Alloy Junction Boxes can be used in multiple applications for urban installations2.99 MBDownload

Pratley also manufactures Aluminium Alloy Junction Boxes to supply main municipal power to houses, the most popular being the Pratley Aluminium Alloy Roof Connection Box and the Pratley Aluminium Alloy Foundation Box.

The Roof Connection Box is used where the municipal supply cables run overhead. The box is installed on the roof to form a connection point between the overhead cable and the supply to the main distribution board.

Another method of supplying municipal power to a house is by means of underground cables, which is where the Foundation Box is ideal. It is mounted on the outside wall of the house, just above the foundation, hence its name. The mains power is connected inside the foundation box, from where the supply cable, in turn, is connected to the main distribution board inside the house.

The durability of the Pratley Aluminium Alloy Junction Boxes means they are often used to replace damaged, inferior type plastic junction boxes. Pratley Aluminium Alloy Junction Boxes are manufactured from a lightweight, strong and impact resistant aluminium alloy that is powder coated to ensure corrosion resistance and longevity once installed.

“We recommend that any installation is carried out by qualified electricians or CCTV technicians,” highlights Eldon. All junction boxes are tested in Pratley’s in-house test laboratory and third-party tested by the SABS to be totally water and dust tight.

Unlike some inferior imported junction boxes, Pratley Aluminium Alloy Junction Boxes do not deteriorate when exposed to sunlight and the elements, which means complete peace of mind for years after they are installed.

Pratley Aluminium Alloy Junction Boxes can be purchased prepopulated with rail-mounted terminals and in a range of configurations and sizes. They feature built-in cable glands, making them the ideal ‘turnkey’ solution for a multitude of urban electrical connections. All Pratley junction boxes are suitable for both armoured and unarmoured cables and can also be factory pre-fitted according to customer requirements.

“We have a policy statement that says that the performance of our products must exceed all others on the world market. The Pratley Aluminium Alloy Junction Box range is no exception to this statement,” concludes Eldon.

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