Skills and equipment allow Jet Demolition to respond quickly and effectively to emergency projects

1 October 2020
Projects carried out under emergency conditions are generally more taxing than planned demolition works. “Our skilled personnel, combined with our well-maintained fleet of demolition equipment, means that we can respond to emergency projects quickly and effectively, with the team working as a cohesive unit,” comments Jet Demolition Contracts Manager Kate Bester (NDip Civil Engineering).
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“The benefit of 28 years’ experience in challenging demolition projects means that we are typically able to rapidly assess a compromised structure and to effectively work with other first responders to integrate demolition with supplementary services, while keeping all team members safe,” highlights Bester. Jet Demolition has responded to emergency situations all over the country and abroad.

Probably the most crucial aspect of demolition under emergency conditions is the ability to respond without introducing additional risk to an already compromised situation. When an unforeseen emergency arises, difficult considerations to be taken into account typically include any imminent danger to be mitigated immediately and alternative methods and approaches to what would have been implemented under non-emergency conditions, as well as how much time is available to make arrangements for onboarding and travel.

“Our default approach to any project is a cautious and keen focus on detail. Subsequently our team is well-equipped to handle most situations within a short timeframe.” Jet Demolition has always focused on instilling a safety culture throughout all levels of the organisation. “It is impossible to train for the unknown – all we can do is to maintain our focus on safety, ensuring that all personnel are as prepared as they can be for any project which comes our way,” highlights Bester.

Responding to a fire-damaged building is very different to responding to a bridge collapse. “In addition, we will not start working before risk-assessing the structure and area. Our entire team participates in this process, which is absolutely crucial in ensuring that there is full awareness and alignment of our intended approach,” explains Bester. Due to the nature of emergency works, Jet Demolition’s response is mainly be guided by the client.

In some instances, sufficient information is available to assess the establishment and resource requirements remotely. In other instances, the site is visited first before making preparatory arrangements. “We are fortunate to have a good network and support from a range of stakeholders, both internally and externally,” adds Bester. While assessing the site physically, preparatory instructions are relayed to head office, who in turn liaise with the safety teams, transporters and crew. This careful and concise liaison generally facilitates rapid response, with all persons continually briefed and informed as events unfold.

In emergency conditions, operational, engineering and safety representation is mobilised as a priority, enabling the initial assessment of works. “We also liaise with emergency personnel on-site, who are often able to give accurate and considered commentary on the status of the structure. This enables provisional planning in preparation for the full establishment of all other resources to site.  Before any works are undertaken, we also consult with the full team, gathering assessments and ideas based on a pooled knowledge base before finalising our method. This ensures full awareness of all risks on-site, as well as a well-coordinated and aligned approach to the works,” elaborates Bester.

The most important aspect of the works in an emergency situation is to ensure that the team is well-prepared and wholly focused on the task at hand. “We adequately prepare for and look after staff welfare while on-site. We implement regular rest periods during projects of this nature, and ensure that a second, fully-staffed team is ready to relieve the first at shift changes,” notes Bester. Typical on-site redundancy includes additional management and safety personnel, all assisting to continually assess and reassess the works as it is executed, concludes Bester.


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Jet Demolition has been undertaking industrial demolition works since 1994, and is the leading, largest, and most technically-advanced demolition company in Africa. It offers in-house, full-range demolition services, including advanced mechanical solutions and controlled implosions. It actively pursues ongoing development of skills and equipment suited to the changing needs of the industry.

Jet Demolition is a technically-based company, with various staff members holding MSc, BSc, and BTech Degrees, as well as National Diplomas, in various engineering fields. This expertise gives it the technical foundation to successfully engineer solutions for large and complex demolition projects, and furthermore fuels its drive to deliver quality projects safely. Jet Demolition strives to offer its clients innovative and technical solutions to demanding demolition challenges.

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