Skil Masters are Pro Tools for Pro Users! They are based on over 90 years of experience in developing and building the right tools for the job. Experience that goes right back to the legendary Skilsaw, Skil’s invention of the circular saw, back in 1924. During that time, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. That’s proved by numerous independent tests and reviews, in which Skil frequently wins top awards like ‘Most Affordable Choice’, ‘Best Buy’ and ‘Strong Recommendation’. Those awards confirm what Skil has always focused on in its development and production: consistent, high product quality. At Skil, we’ve been integrating the latest technology into our power tools for more than 90 years. That means we have a unique knowledge of what professional power tool users really want. Straight forward, functional tools that combine robustness, easy and effective handling, and unbeatable value for money. So you can concentrate on getting the job done in the shortest possible time! We know you depend on your power tools, and you need them to keep working under all conditions, day in and day out. That’s why we build durable and robust tools. Just one example of that is the use of metal for many critical components like gear housings. Best of all, that Pro quality comes at a price that’s still very affordable.