Sandhurst Manor: Crafted space for healing addictive behaviours

11 October 2023
In conceptualising and bringing Sandhurst Manor to fruition, business partners and Wellness Counsellors Nikki Munitz and Roberto Ferreira have focused on a creating a space where their personal experiences and professional expertise can be shared with those seeking help for addictive behaviours in an atmosphere of serenity and support.
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With personal experience in addictions, Counsellors reach clients from a place of empathy, the understanding only someone who has been through the same emotions and issues has.

Author of the recently launched book Fraud – How Prison Set Me Free, Nikki says her journey through addiction came “not only from committing fraud but feeling like a fraud in my own skin for most of my life. There was always a missing piece,” she notes, noting that the realisation ultimately comes that everyone is addicted to something and connecting with ourselves is vital in connecting with others.

With his own pathway through the torment of addiction, Roberto’s brings the same enlightenment and understanding that engenders trust between client and counsellor.

Sandhurst Manor, the partners assert, is about facilitating a life that is different to the one clients’ experienced before and encourages engaging their personal power on their own terms. Roberto says the sanctuary’s offerings are designed to facilitate that empowerment.

“We provide a stay-over and day care facility, as well as a virtual care component, where our first step is an assessment of our client’s needs coupled with what they want or are willing to do. We offer the most holistic solution possible for every individual, providing guidance but listening to their own requirements too. Healing needs middle ground.”

For Nikki, one of the beautiful aspects is meeting “each and every client where they are at, with their specific needs, and not try to deal with them in the traditional one-size-fits-all model”.

Importantly, both Roberto’s and Nikki’s experience in the field of recovery is rooted in their understanding of how individuals feel about taking time out of their current lifestyles to gain a whole new life.

Supporting growth and connection

As a self-development facility, all Sandhurst Manor staff believe in supporting growth and connection to help clients achieve freedom from self-destructive behaviours. With decades of experience in empowering individuals, Nikki and Roberto begin the walk with clients to the life they want to create with the all-important phone call.

Traditional wisdom posits that making the call for help is the key to changing a life, and this is followed by a carefully curated serenity at the Manor; from the neighbourhood to the way support staff are trained and valued; to the peaceful feel in every room, everything about the centre whispers ‘hope’.

“Our experience with various addictions means we look to ensure every person has a program that is created for them. Where clients can’t stay at the Manor, our day care option starts at 0900 and ends at 1600,” Roberto notes. “There is flexibility for those who must attend to other responsibilities, whether they be business or family commitments.

“The importance of not only taking care of the addiction but dealing with all their other commitments is key. It’s the realistic and mature way of looking at recovery. We believe strongly in reintegration to society, which means exposure to the real world and the responsibilities that brings.”

Reintegration: Showing up for life

Clients booked into Sandhurst Manor also have exposure to the outside world, where they are faced with real-world problems and guided to deal with them, regardless of whether they are residential, day or virtual clients.

“Research shows the longer someone engages with a treatment process, the greater their likelihood of success,” says Nikki. “If we build a structure where clients can still engage with their lives during treatment, they are far more likely to want to stay engaged with the process.”

The Sandhurst Manor team also works with trauma as an “invisible” injury and driver of addictive behaviours. Roberto’s recent attendance at The Master’s Series, a gathering of specialists in the field of trauma and mental health, held at Oxford University, delved into the association between trauma and addiction.

“From reviewing how the body holds past trauma and how body work can release emotional injuries showing up as addictions, we’re able to integrate new study data into or assessment process.”

Says Nikki: “What I’m hugely enthusiastic about the amount of research going into addictions now. I am driven by the studies on self-esteem, without which I do not believe we heal, so our focus is finely targeted on helping clients get better and not just reviewing the problems and treatments of the past.”

Sandhurst Manor subscribes to a slow and steady approach to real healing by enabling clients to understand themselves, their addictions and how they deal with potential triggers in a world filled with uncertainties. With Nikki’s book laying bare the realities of her involvement in addictions and Roberto’s story doing the same, the trust engendered in them by their clients is apparent.

From the call for help to integration into new lives in the same world, this team has deliberately created a haven of healing, where nothing – from physical comforts to the pathway to recovery – is there by chance. Addictions thrive on chance, and Nikki and Roberto together work to craft client healing that suits every individual by replacing chance with change.


Sandhurst Manor Contacts

Nikki Munitz

Wellness Counsellor

Phone: 061 524 9652

Email: nikki [at] sandhurstmanor [dot] com


Roberto Ferreira

Wellness Counsellor

Phone: 061 524 9652

Email: roberto [at] sandhurstmanor [dot] com


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