ROMPCO promotes the role of natural gas in Africa’s industrialisation

14 November 2023
Africa Industrialisation Day on 20 November emphasises the critical role of industrial development in the region. A significant challenge in this regard is the availability of reliable and affordable energy sources. “A key solution is the abundant, clean resource provided by natural gas,” says Siphephelo Kunene, Senior Officer of Communications & Stakeholder Management at the Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Investments Company (ROMPCO).
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“Large quantities of natural gas are available to meet the supply and demand of alternative energy sources for industrial development in Africa. This is a game-changer for the continent,” comments Kunene. Gas supply can fuel economic growth, create employment opportunities, and empower local communities. “It brings economic, social, and environmental benefits as we work toward a low-carbon future,” adds Kunene.

ROMPCO’s efforts have been instrumental in advancing industrialisation, not only in South Africa but also in Mozambique. The company has entered into cross-border agreements to supply energy to markets in these countries. Its gas pipeline network has the capacity to serve both Mozambique and South Africa, catalysing industrial growth.

“We have made tremendous contributions to increased industrialisation in both Mozambique and South Africa. Our collaboration and cross-border agreements have been pivotal in fostering industrial growth, creating jobs, and driving economic progress,” says Kunene.

Expanding the gas supply network into other African countries presents challenges, notably geopolitical tensions that can deter potential investors. However, the opportunities are equally promising. The demand for natural gas as an alternative energy source is high, while the revenue generated from expanding the network can significantly drive economic growth and structural transformation.

Kunene stresses that the company understands the importance of stakeholder engagement and relationship management in promoting industrialisation. “Effective engagement fosters support for both short-term and long-term goals, creating a collaborative environment for industrial growth,” he highlights.

As the need for natural gas supply continues to rise, ROMPCO’s mission aligns with the continent’s aspirations. The company aims to grow, expand, and remain sustainable. “Therefore, it would be a good opportunity to expand our gas pipeline to other African countries,” reveals Kunene.

“Our mission is to be the leading Southern Africa gas transmission and infrastructure company, transforming the communities in which we operate and developing the energy industry through the provision of sustainable gas supply and innovative solutions to our markets,” concludes Kunene.


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The Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Investments Company (ROMPCO) is a joint venture between the government of South Africa (represented by the South African Gas Development Company (iGas), the government of Mozambique (represented by Companhia Moçambicana de Gasoduto (CMG) and Sasol. ROMPCO was formed to transport natural gas from Mozambique’s Pande and Temane gas fields to markets in both Mozambique and South Africa, for the economic benefit of the region.

ROMPCO’s mission is to maximize stakeholder value through the expansion of its footprint in a manner that promotes reliable, safe, and environmentally responsible operations. ROMPCO aims to contribute to a balanced energy economy, gas infrastructure and capabilities development while being a responsible corporate citizen.

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