Pratley to showcase its diverse adhesives range at NAMPO 2024

14 May 2024
Leading manufacturer Pratley will display its full range of industry-leading adhesives at SA Grain’s NAMPO Harvest Day 2024 from 14 to 17 May at Bothaville in the Free State, according to Mark Bell, National Sales and Marketing Manager, Pratley Adhesives.
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“We are excited to once again connect with the farming community to showcase our well-known adhesive products,” comments Mark. Pratley considers the event to be a major platform to also engage with cooperatives, the farming community, and the public.


Pratley will also highlight its new GripTack Double Sided Mounting Tape launched officially on 6 May, along with its established high-performance epoxy and acrylic adhesive products. “Many Pratley adhesives are world-first products, and we will demonstrate many of the features that make them ideally suited for farm maintenance applications,” continues Mark.

Pratley’s high-performance adhesive range includes products for general repairs, farm maintenance, and specific repairs of agricultural and mechanical equipment. Keeping agricultural equipment in top running condition is a priority for farmers. Pratley has a wide range of products that can assist farmers to conduct repairs quickly and cost-effectively.

A leader in adhesive technology, with numerous world firsts and patents to its name, Pratley’s diverse adhesives range is designed to meet the requirements of consumers across various industries.

Pratley Putty, an epoxy-based hand mouldable putty, is well-known for its reliability and exceptional bonding characteristics across a range of materials, including wood, metal, ceramics, and most plastics for a durable bond that withstands the test of time. Ideal for sealing leaks, filling gaps, and bonding various surfaces, Pratley Putty is a must-have for DIY enthusiasts, craftsmen, and professionals alike.

Pratley Putty can be easily moulded by hand and applied directly to the desired surface, offering unmatched convenience and ease of use. From household repairs to industrial applications, Pratley Putty provides reliable adhesion, saving time and resources while delivering long-lasting results.

Pratley Quickset® Clear has a fast-curing time for seamless bonds without compromising aesthetics. It is ideal for transparent bonding applications such as glass repairs, jewellery crafting, and model making, providing clarity and precision.

Due to its quick-setting formula, Pratley Quickset® Clear allows swift and effortless bonding, allowing users to achieve professional-grade results in no time. From artistic pursuits to intricate repairs, Pratley Quickset® Clear offers ease of use and strength, elevating the quality of every project.

On the other hand, Pratley Steel Quickset® is the ultimate solution for demanding industrial applications, with the added benefit of unparalleled strength and durability. Engineered for maximum strength, it ensures robust bonds that withstand extreme conditions. It is perfect for heavy-duty bonding applications such as metal fabrication, automotive repairs, and machinery assembly.

Pratley Steel Quickset® delivers industrial-strength performance in every bond. With its quick-setting formula and easy to apply, Pratley Steel Quickset® streamlines the bonding process. From enhancing productivity to reducing downtime, it provides unmatched reliability and performance for optimal results.

“From the home to the workshop or on the job site, Pratley adhesives provide peace of mind and reliable performance, ensuring that every repair is handled with precision and efficiency,” concludes Mark.

Visit Pratley at NAMPO 2024 and get a first-hand look at their products, meet the team, and learn more about how they can support your farming needs. Don't miss the chance to see Pratley at Stand 12 in the Nutrifeeds Hall.

For further information, visit our comprehensive website at or contact our Sales Office at (011) 955 2190 or email sales [at] pratley [dot] co [dot] za for assistance.

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