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12 September 2019 Unleash your creative ‘spirit’ this Halloween with FrogzEggz®
While 31 October is normally associated with ‘trick-and-treating’, pumpkin lanterns, pointy witch hats, and overly expensive costumes, FrogzEggz® from Pratley is going ‘old school’ this Halloween, allowing children...
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14 August 2019 No ordinary plastic gland
Tufflon compression glands from Pratley are made from a tough engineering plastic that is unlike ordinary PVC. This renders them virtually unbreakable, and makes them ideal for appliances and instrumentation in a...
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5 August 2019 FROM KRUGERSDORP TO THE MOON Read more
24 July 2019 Pratley Putty - South African Inventor George Pratley Read more
23 July 2019 Pratley Putty is the only SA product to go to the moon Read more
23 July 2019 Pratley drives products for the automotive sector
Pratley’s products for the automotive sector range from Pratley Steel Putty to Pratley RTV Silicone Gasket Maker. Both of these products have found wide acceptance in the automotive sector, Pratley National Sales...
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17 July 2019 Pratley Putty showcased on commemorative coin series from SA Mint
Classic Business Show - Classic FM - 16 Jul 2019 18:13 - Duration: 00:11:37
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10 July 2019 Pratley Putty showcased on commemorative coin series from SA Mint
The South African Mint is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing with its ‘South African inventions’ series, focusing on the only South African product to ever go to the moon, namely Pratley...
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27 June 2019 Virtually unbreakable terminals from Pratley
Kwikblok® rail-mounted terminals and accessories from Pratley are not only smaller and more compact than ordinary terminals, but virtually unbreakable due to them being manufactured from Polyamide 6.6, which is...
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11 June 2019 Easing the pain of liquid spill clean-ups
Well-known manufacturer Pratley recently identified a need for a product that can be used in pollution control. More specifically, in the easy and efficient clean-up of liquid spills in the mining and other...
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