Mineral product eliminates mycotoxins in pet food

21 August 2020
South African manufacturer Pratley produces a registered mineral feed additive branded as Clinomix® for the agricultural and pet food industries, according to Marketing Director Eldon Kruger. The additive is a type of zeolite called clinoptilolite, a completely natural mineral that is mined and processed in South Africa by Pratley.
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Clinomix® is ideal as a pet food additive as it is a highly effective mycotoxin binder that is effective in eliminating 99.9% of deadly mycotoxins in pet food, especially dog foods. As a result, many animal food producers are now adding the product to their formulations.

Mycotoxins are toxic compounds that are naturally produced by certain types of moulds (fungi). Moulds that can produce mycotoxins can grow on numerous foodstuffs such as cereals, dried fruits, nuts and spices as well as pet foods.

Dangerous mycotoxins which may be present in certain foods are effectively bound when using Clinomix®. Bound mycotoxins can then safely pass through the gastrointestinal tract without the danger of these harmful toxins being absorbed into the animal’s body.

Efficacy tests were conducted to determine to what extent Clinomix® binds various mycotoxins. Tests were conducted by Senior Analyst S. Davey at the SANAS-approved SGS Agri Food Laboratory. The results concluded that Clinomix® is extremely effective at binding mycotoxins.

In a sample in which the initial aflatoxin count was 4196 µg/kg, following treatment with Clinomix®, the total aflatoxin levels dropped to below 4 µg/kg. The table below provides a summary of the mycotoxin binding effect of Clinomix®:

Clinomix® is part of a range of mineral products that Pratley produces and markets specifically for the livestock farming and pet food industries. A similar product called Clinoxin® is a broad-spectrum mycotoxin binder for the poultry industry. It also reduces ammonia levels and faecal moisture in poultry houses.

Clinoxin® and Clinomix® are registered stock remedies with the South African Department of Agriculture. Both products are available from Pratley in 25kg bags and 50kg bulk bags, concludes Eldon.

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