Melco rolls out a TOP solution for belt conveyors

29 April 2013
Industries in South Africa can benefit from a new range of TOP thermoplastic rollers manufactured by Rulmeca - a worldwide Group of Companies that specialises in the production of rollers, idlers, motorised pulleys, fabricated pulleys and other components for worldwide bulk handling industries.
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The Rulmeca TOP roller range was introduced to the local market in 2012 by internationally recognised conveyor equipment manufacturer Melco, which has been a member of the Rulmeca Group since 2006. Melco marketing and sales director Craig Warmback explains: "With the exception of the steel in the ball bearing and the shaft, the Rulmeca TOP roller is comprised entirely of thermoplastic materials, thereby making the range more lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly than industry standard steel rollers."

Melco managing director Gavin Hall highlights the fact the Rulmeca TOP roller tube is manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE), while the bearing housings are manufactured from homopolymer acetal resin (POM). "This ensures that Rulmeca TOP rollers are at least 50 per cent lighter than their steel counterparts, which results in lower power consumption during the start and stop operation of the belt conveyor - ultimately reducing overall power requirements of the plant. In addition, the lightweight properties also ensure greater ease of transportation and a reduction in resultant carbon emissions."

Another distinct advantage of the Rulmeca range of TOP rollers is its wear resistance, which guarantees a longer operating lifespan of the roller, while minimising maintenance requirements for the entire plant. Hall continues: "The HDPE tube will not cause unnecessary wear-and-tear to the conveyor, as a result of its high resistance to chemical agents."

What's more, the range of TOP rollers are rust resistant, and capable of operating in temperatures ranging between -25oC and 50oC, making it suitable for numerous applications, including; quarrying, manufacturing, ports, harbours and general industry. Hall adds that the Rulmeca range of TOP rollers also greatly reduce the risk of belt mistracking and spillage. "A self-cleaning roller surface prevents any build-up of materials, which is the most common cause of these belt inefficiencies."

Looking to the future, Warmback is confident that Melco will gain measurable market share across Africa through the Rulmeca TOP range. "Industries are continually looking to find an optimal balance between cost effectiveness and environmental sustainability, and the Rulmeca range of TOP rollers provides the ideal solution in this regard. With this in mind, I am optimistic that both newly established and existing plants will look to improve their efficiencies by adopting the Rulmeca range of TOP rollers moving forward," he concludes.



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About Melco
Melco is one of Africa’s major conveyor equipment manufacturers. Melco has been a proud member of the Rulmeca Group of Companies since 2006. Melco idlers have been successfully utilised in many bulk materials handling applications in over 75 countries throughout the world, and installed on belt widths from 200mm to 3000mm. The Melco product range is comprehensive, comprising steel rollers ranging from 89mm to 215mm in diameter, with bearing and shaft arrangements from 25mm to 60mm diameter, HDPE rollers, idler frames and underground structure, and Rulmeca Motorised Pulleys.


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