Make an arts-and-crafts bow at home

21 May 2020
Many families are looking for creative ways to keep their children occupied and stimulated during the ongoing lockdown. Involve the whole family and unleash your inner creativity by making a unique arts-and-crafts bow using Pratley FrogzEggz! Simply follow the easy step-by-step guide below.
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What you will need:

  • Pratley FrogzEggz
  • Kraftex Decopodge Sealant
  • Key ring
  • Picture of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Material
  • Pratley Quickset Adhesive

Step 1: Make a bow

Make a bow of your choice – this can be done using any spare material you may have on hand.

  • Cut a piece of ribbon or material, preferably 50 cm in length. This will make for a decent-sized bow.
  • Make two loops on either side of your chosen material.
  • Fold the left loop over the right loop, and bring it around and back through the centre hole.
  • Pull tight to create a knot. 

Step 2: Prepare the Pratley FrogzEggz

Place the Pratley FrogzEggz into a container of boiling hot water until it becomes a pliable substance that can be easily moulded.

Step 3: Cut the desired shape to size and cut your chosen image

Using a key ring, place it at the centre of the moulded FrogzEggz and push the keyring in gently to form an indentation. Remove the key ring and cut around the shape of the keyring, bearing in mind that this should be done before the FrogzEggz hardens.         

Step 4: Select a picture

Select a picture of your choice and cut it to the size of the moulded FrogzEggz.

Step 5: Seal

Apply the Kraftex Decopodge sealant to the image to give it a high-gloss protective coating. 

Step 6: Adhere

Paste the image onto the centre of the bow using Pratley Quickset Adhesive – this is best to do using icecream sticks to avoid any mess.

And there you have your very own arts-and-crafts bow! This process is easy and quick enough that your brood can try out a range of variations with different pictures, keeping them busy while you have a well-deserved break.

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