How to repair car seats, bumpers using Pratley products

23 July 2020
Pratley has a wide range of versatile and cost-effective DIY adhesive products for a multitude of quick, on-the-spot automotive repairs. The products are ideal for areas where engineering workshops are sometimes unavailable, such as in rural towns or villages. Here we show you how to do a quick synthetic car seat repair and a car bumper repair using Pratley products.
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Synthetic Car Seat Repair

What you need:

  • Pratley WondaFix® Car – a strong, tough, yet flexible adhesive that is ideal for a multitude of automotive repairs
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper
  • Cardboard (to mix on)
  • A match, toothpick, or any other mixing stick

Step One:

Read the instructions for Pratley WondaFix® Car thoroughly. Trim the edges of the tear to be as flat and flush as possible with the rest of the seat.

Step Two:

Mix Pratley WondaFix® Car carefully according to the instructions. Remember that the product is a 2:1 mix ratio (1 part/bead of the small tube mixed with two parts/beads of the larger tube).

Step Three:

Apply the mixed Pratley WondaFix® Car liberally to the area. Spread it over the entire area and a little beyond the edges of the tear.

Be sure to apply within three minutes of mixing.

If necessary, you can smooth the repair over with a wet finger.

Step Four:

The repair will be completely dry in about 35 minutes. Leave for a full day (24 hours) to cure fully.

Car Bumper Repair

What you need:

  • Pratley PowdaBond® kit
  • A Drill
  • Sandpaper
  • Hammer
  • Optional: Dremel grinder
  • Optional: Vinyl polish

Step One:

Read the Pratley PowdaBond® instructions thoroughly.

Remove the bumper so you can work on the back of the bumper for a smoother finish.

Drill small holes at the ends of the crack. This will help to ensure that the crack does not run further or spread. Roughen the area around the crack with sandpaper.

Step Two:

Use a hammer to tap the bumper in place. Use sandpaper (or if you have a Dremel sander) roughen the area around the crack to have a coarse texture. The Dremel sander is also ideal for creating a slight V-shape in the crack. Clean off any excess dust or oil thoroughly using industrial acetone.

Step Three:

Using the black powder from the Pratley PowdaBond® kit, pour and cover the entire area of the crack. Using the special grade PowdaBond® adhesive found in the kit, apply a sufficient number of adhesive drops so that it soaks into the powder filler completely. It will produce a little smoke as the adhesive is activated.

Step Four:

Roughen the front of the bumper with sandpaper and repeat Step Three until the area is fully covered.

Step Five:

Sand down the repaired area and wipe away any dust and oils with industrial acetone. For best results, you can use vinyl polish to buff the mended area.

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